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    files on Jboss server

    Kate Farmindez Newbie


      I have a little problem with my Jboss application.

      I create some files but jboss is creating them in my linux home dir. What do I need to have those files somewhere in jboss/server/{domain}?b

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          Peter Johnson Master

          If you showed the code that you used to create the files, that would really help. And also mentioned hwre that code appears (within a servlet or web app, within an EJB, etc) Without that we are just guessing. Here are some fatcs that might help:


          * If you create a file using a relative path, that file will usually show up in the jboss/bin directory since that is the working directory.

          * To access files within a web app from a servlet, use ServletContext.getContextPath()

          * To access files in specific JBoss AS directories, use one of the jboss.server.* system properties, such as jboss.server.data.dir. You can see all of the system properties in the jmx-console via the jboss:type=Service,name=SystemProperties MBean