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    Gatein with cas and a iframed remote app

    Paulo Costa Newbie

      Dear Gatein fellows.


      I need your opinion about one way out off my problem.


      I would like to use the gatein portal authenticated with cas, and that i know that is ok.

      I have another remote app on a remote server  (seam 2.2 on tomcat6) that i'm working on and is authenticating with cas as well.


      What i would like to do is have some iframes on Gatein Portal, like "http://remopteserver/seamapp/pagexpto.seam" and "http://remoteserver/pagexyz.seam", and once the user  have a sucessfull login on portal, the iframed remote seam app would work without authentication itself.


      What append is i need to authenticate on each portlet to the remotes app.


      Do you see any way out ?, any hope ?

      Thank in advance