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    AS 6 log file not rolled over each day?


      Hi Folks,


      I've noticed that my log files are not rolling over each day in my AS 6 environment.


      First, I should mention that I've replaced the files mentioned here to get the log4j-appender working...


      If I use the stock jboss-logging.xml file that is bundled with AS6 my server.log file does not roll over each day, it just continues to grow. If I edit the config to tell it to roll over each hour then that works, but I've not had any luck getting it to rollover on a daily basis like it should out-of-the-box.


      Has anyone else experienced this?




        • 1. AS 6 log file not rolled over each day?

          So I think this must be a configuration issue on my part... I checked another AS 6 server and its log files were rolling over correctly. Now I see that the logs on the server that I thought was not rolling over have since rolled over, but not at midnight (they rolled over a little past 10AM local time). So this makes me think I've got some time zone issue or something going on and not a real issue with AS 6 logging.


          If I figure out what my issue is I'll post back.