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    Pack jars into folders for unique deployment of EAR application

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      I wanted to know if it's possible to deploy an EAR application which exclusively contains jar's, but have some singularities that are described below.

      The issue is that I would like to divide the jar's into various folders inside the lib folder of the application, in order to have the libraries more structured.

      I wouldn't like to mix up all the jars in the lib folder or create various EAR applications (one for each group of jars). Also, I don't want to put the jar's in the server runtime because this would mean that restarts of the server are necessary each time there is a change (and the server contains various applications that shouldn't be affected).


      I've tried to apply this solution, but when I reference the libraries from another application at runtime (not in compilation time) these are not found. Is there a possible way of structuring libraries this way? A valid solution for me would also be encapsulating various EARs if it exists with JBOSS (this way I would create various EAR's, one for each group of jars, and encapsulate them into a single deployment).


      Thanks to everyone in advance.


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