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    Where has the Chameleon gone in RF 4.0 CR1?

    baguette Newbie

      G'day lads and ladies!


      recently, we've decided to adapt the RF skins to match our exact corporate design. This works just fine, but the JSF h:selectOneListbox is rendered with colors and fonts, but without the expand button in skin-colors. The h:inputText is skinned.




      Looking into the beta documentation, it states: "Register a custom render kit". The mentioned class ChameleonRenderKitImpl is not part of the RF-JARs. Where is it (or what supercedes it)?



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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          That's the oldest proposal and probably most complex one Not actual for now.. you should just add standard skinning. (But selects unfortunatelly will not be rendered as fully skinned ust because them looks just as browser paints them).



          For that concrete case - if you using selectOne - change it to rich:select instead.. It's the same component as standard one with two additional features - it's skinned and it allows direct input optionally.