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    rich:pickList 3.3.1: shift value to target fails

    Srinivasan Thoyyeti Newbie

      This is very weird behavior. I have around 8 pickLists in my form. In some of the pickLists I am able to shift data from src to target. but some pickLists show abnormal behavior while shifting data.


      step 1. value goes to target


      step 2.  I receive a server log

      18:11:18,090 INFO  [lifecycle] WARNING: FacesMessage(s) have been enqueued, but may not have been displayed.

      sourceId=j_id18:j_id42:prodCatPickList[severity=(ERROR 2), summary=(value is not valid), detail=(value is not valid)]


      step3. value goes back to source


      Data used in Pick Lists is plain alpabets. Please post any suggestion.



      To my surpraise I was able to find out the issue.


      Root cause:  Data issue


      1. Data with more spaces


      like "Set of documents  (SD)"   -- notice the two spaces before "(SD)"


      2. Data with one or more comma


      like "SD,RD"  -- comma separated entries


      I have tried to remove the extra spaces(\s+) and its working. but Thesevalues are from database so I am not supposed to tamper them becauselater when we compare selected value from pick List with database, itfails. 


      Now the question araises how to make it work???? Any ideas please post.