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      Hello again


      Spring is giving me a headache! This is not strictly JBoss but one of you guys might know.


      I am currently working on a WEB service and the deployment WAR has a spring-ws-servlet.xml file. I am also working on a regular WEB application and that has a spring-servlet.xml file. What is the difference between those two files? Can they contain the same things?


      I wish to add an MBeam to my WEB service so I can dynamically change the log4j logging level. I have found at http://www.unicon.net/node/614 that I can add the following lines to a config file but it does not say which one!


      <bean id="mbeanServer" class="org.springframework.jmx.support.MBeanServerFactoryBean">
      <property name="defaultDomain" value="SRS Exstream"/>
      <property name="registerWithFactory" value="true"/>
      <property name="locateExistingServerIfPossible" value="true"/>

      <bean id="exporter" class="org.springframework.jmx.export.MBeanExporter" lazy-init="false">
      <property name="beans">
         <entry key="bean:name=Log4jLevelChanger" value-ref="Log4jLevelChanger"/>

      <bean id="Log4jLevelChanger" class="com.hp.exstream.project.gmac.util.Log4jLevelChanger">
      <property name="name" value="Log4jLevelChanger"/>


      I tried adding the above to my spring-ws-servlet.xml file but this has not worked because my MBean does not show-up in jConsole.


      Any ideas how to get this to work?