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    Dynamic dataTable row addition / deletion (updates work fine)

    pretorga Newbie

      Hi everyone


      I'm implementing quick a complex dataTable over a very slow network, using RichFaces 3.3.3.


      I'm using a modal panel for edits on each row, and updates to existing rows (using ajaxkeys) works great.


      My application is running over a slow intranet.


      The problem I have is that while I seem to be able to update (and more importantly rerender) individual rows in the dataTable, I need to rerender the entire table if I add or remove rows. Over the slow intranet, this specific functionality becomes incredibly annoying.


      My question is this. Is it at all possible to only rerender a single row using dataTable?


      I have sifted through the forums for similar questions, and seem to repeatedly arrive at rerendering of the table being the only solution for anything other than updating existing rows.