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    Richfaces 4 performance issue on IE 8

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      I saw some other posts about this, but none about Richfaces 4 and none with a solution so I'll do mine...


      I'm using JSF2 and Richfaces 4 (4.0.0.Final) for a production website. Under Chrome or Firefox, all pages are very quick to render and very responsive.

      But with Internet Explorer 8 (which sadly is the target browser), some pages are slow to display, and we can see the different elements showing up little by little.


      The slow pages contains rich:dataTable which in turn contains rich:inplaceSelect elements. It seems it's the javascript associated with the rich:inplaceSelect elements that is very slow on IE. Here is an example:


      new RichFaces.ui.InplaceSelect("mainContentForm:listTableId:2:j_idt68", {"items":[{ 'id' : "mainContentForm:listTableId:2:j_idt68Item0" , 'label' : "admin", 'value' : "admin"},{ 'id' : "mainContentForm:listTableId:2:j_idt68Item1" , 'label' : "azeazeazeaze", 'value' : "azeazeazeaze"},{ 'id' : "mainContentForm:listTableId:2:j_idt68Item2" , 'label' : "p", 'value' : "p"},{ 'id' : "mainContentForm:listTableId:2:j_idt68Item3" , 'label' : "plop", 'value' : "plop"},{ 'id' : "mainContentForm:listTableId:2:j_idt68Item4" , 'label' : "readonly", 'value' : "readonly"},{ 'id' : "mainContentForm:listTableId:2:j_idt68Item5" , 'label' : "test", 'value' : "test"},{ 'id' : "mainContentForm:listTableId:2:j_idt68Item6" , 'label' : "writeonly", 'value' : "writeonly"}] ,"noneCss":"rf\u002Dis\u002Dnone","changedCss":"rf\u002Dis\u002Dchng","editCss":"rf\u002Dis\u002Dact","selectItemCss":"rf\u002Dis\u002Dsel","editEvent":"click","defaultLabel":"writeonly","onchange":function(event){RichFaces.ajax(this,event,{"parameters":{"javax.faces.behavior.event":"change"} ,"sourceId":"mainContentForm:listTableId:2:j_idt68"} )}} );


      Is there a way to go around this issue except by removing the rich:inplaceSelect ?


      Thanks in advance,