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    Why is servlet mapping needed to deploy a web service?

    Naresh Bhatia Novice

      I was trying to deploy the following web service on AS 7.0.2:


      @WebService(targetNamespace = "http://archfirst.org/bfexch/marketdataservice.wsdl", serviceName = "MarketDataService")

      public class MarketDataWebService {




      This by itself was not working. I had to add the servlet mapping shown below to make it work (based on a suggestion in this article):











      1. Where is this documented? Is it specific to Apache CXF? I did not have to do this when deploying the same service on GlassFish. Perhaps Metro does not need it?
      2. Does AS 7 support multiple implementations of JAX-WS? The JBoss WS page suggests that there are 3 implementations, but it is not clear which one AS 7 uses.