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    Cluster with <clustered>false</clustered>

    jepper Newbie

      First time I'm posting here and somewhat new to jboss. We have a 8 node jboss 6.1.0 final cluster (with hornetq 2.2.5 as included in the download).

      The application which is running in the cluster is still being developed. We have concerns about the clusters ability to load balance properly. We are always seeing a much higher amount of messages being processed on certain nodes but we can't work out why, and all nodes are processing stuff.


      The big picture: Clients hit a zeus load balancer which forwards request round robin to 4 apache servers. Apache handles stickyness, and forwards requests to jboss.


      The question:-

      I noted that in our hornetq-configuration.xml someone has set clustered to false which is not the default setting for a clustered configuration, and I'm wondering if this could cause the uneven distribution of work?


      hornetq-configuration.xml:   <clustered>false</clustered>


      Many thanks