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    Mapping aliases to existing contexts

    Adi Lavi Newbie

      Hi Everyone,

      I am trying to configure a rather simple setup on my Jboss server. I have installed version 4.0.2.


      I have several web applications for which I have built war files. Each application root context equals its war file name, e.g. app1.war handles all requests that start with http://myserver:8080/app1/... In addition, I have created Root.war to handle requests with context root of '/'.

      I would like to enable users access via 3 different URL paths that would firect the user to 1 of the existing applications, but without having to create and deploying 3 new war files, but with a simple redirection configuration. For example, all requests starting with http://myserver:8080/alias1 would be mapped to /app1/alias1..., thus app1 would handle these requests.


      Is there a simple and straight forward way to achieve this?


      Thanks In advance