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    StatefulKnowledgeSession management

    Zeliang Huang Newbie

      Hi All,


      I have a few questions regarding StatefulKnowledgeSession.


      I had created a class MyContextListener that extends the ServletContextListener.

      This MyContextListener.java will do things like starting Mina and creating a new StatefulKnowledgeSession and not disposing it. When server starts up, I am assured that Mina server is up and there is one session active. This session is re-used for all subsequent communication with the Engine. 


      1. Should I reuse the session for all communication with the engine?

      Any other way of managing the session for better performance? From what I had tried, there ought to be at least one active session at anytime so that Human Tasks can be completed successfully.


      2. When do I need to use JPAKnowledgeService.loadStatefulKnowledgeSession

      As I am creating a new Session when the server restarts up, no previous session was actually loaded. However old process instances still flow. I don't have any rules in the process map. Is that the reason why I don't need to load a previous session in order to continue the instance? Or I am missing something by not loading the previous Session?



      Any advice is welcome !