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    Backups/copies of HornetQ DB

    Steve Smith Newbie



      How resilient to filesystem backups/snapshots is the HornetQ filesystem DB?  Would a backup (or an Rsync snapshot) of the journal/paging/bindings directories taken on running HornetQ instance be recoverable?



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          Andy Taylor Master

          you can copy the jhournal and move it to another server no worries, however if the server is currently running you may get partial records depending on the OS but tbh this is something i have never tested



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            Brian Wallis Master

            I'm interested in whether or not this is supported.


            For our system we will initially be running in a single server with no HA or failover and we are using persistent topics where messages may be stored for more than a short period of time. Currently we are using activemq configured for rdbms storage into the same database as our hibernate enabled domain objects. Getting a consistent (tape) backup for disaster recovery in this system is quite easy as it is all in the one database. Depending on the database we can even get a consistent backup from a running system.


            I'm not sure how I can achieve this without a shutdown if we switch to hornetq.


            First step would be to know if I can make a copy of the journal and then use it in a rebuilt system. So, is it designed to work if you backup the journal from a live server or is it just a case of it might work?