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    how to create Chained rich:select  in JSF2.0 and Richfaces 4.x with ajax.

    sherlock rock Newbie



      I working on jsf 2,richfaces 4 and hibernate.

      How can i create chained rich select items with rich faces components.

      I will give an example

      i have a car company list company1,company2,company3......

      each company have different company models like

      company1-- model1,model2,model3,......

      company2-- model1,model2,model3,......

      company3-- model1,model2,model3,......


      i have created a hibernate bean class for displaying company list in on rich:select item. Now for displaying the content in the model list in the second

      rich:select dynamically what are the steps to do.


      how can i get the current value in the company list and send that value to my bean class and render the models list.



      please help me....