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    Undoing a seam auto-generate script?

    Matt Davis Newbie

      Hi... I'm pretty new to seam. I got Eclipse set up with JBoss Tools and everything...  I never really cared to learn all of the command-line seam generation tools, but I did a couple of the examples and stuff.

      Anyhow, now I have it all set up in eclipse to use JBoss 4.2, with PostgreSQL. I successfully generated a GUI for a database table using the Generate Entity command, which I think is just using the generate-entity command behind the scenes.

      My question is this: How do I undo the creation of an entity like this? And if I can't do that, how do I know everything that it did? I used the Reverse engineer option so that it made the navigation and editing gui for a Person table... so I have a Person.xhtml, PersonEdit.xhtml, PersonList.xhtml, etc.   Beyond going through and looking at the creation date of every file, how can I know exactly what this script did?

      The first one was a test... and now I'd like to undo it.  It's not a huge deal now since I just started... but I don't want to have to start over every time I make a mistake or change my mind :)

      Any suggestions?