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    Search and many to many relationship

    Tomas Cerny Novice


      I use seam search EntityQuery.
      Old versions of hibernate allowed things like this (RESTRICTIONS):


      which asks collection of contests for its ID. This was taken off, because it was wrong. In older hibernate it worked.

      What am I supposed to do now?

      I have tried to do this

      in ( select ex from Exam ex, Contest contest where contest in (ex.contestSet) and contest.id = #{contest.id})

      this is accepted by HQL, but the SQL is generated wrong:

                      and contestset3_.contestId=contest4_.id 
                      and (
                          contest2_.id in (
                      and contest2_.id=?
              ) limit ?

      it contains . inside in.

      I got similar result for this query:

      person.exam in (select contest.examExecutionSet from Contest contest where contest.id = #{contest.id})

      I have hibernate.jar 3.2.6.GA and MySQL JDBC connector 5.0.8

      Is that hibernate problem or is my query wrong?
      Or seam add something to it.

      Thank you