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    Caveat Emptor Seam version

    System Administrator Expert
      I'm preparing for an Intro to Seam corporate developer presentation next week, and was hoping to download the example source code for chapter 17 of the Bauer & king book.

      when I go to http://www.hibernate.org/400.html, it states that it's not available.

      I have also considered using some of the seam distro examples but I really liked the chapter 17 examples and the explanations (very thorough, technical but succinct).  For example, I like the detailed analysis of what exactly happens starting with a GET HTTP request and a POST HTTP request, Seam searching the various contexts for a Seam component, bijection coverage, Hibernate validators, etc.

      I suppose I can refactor Caveat Emptor JPA/EJB 3.0 source or write my own code as necessary using Hypersonic (HSQLDB) as the datasource...

      any suggestions?