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    Migration from 2.0.2 to 2.1.0.CR1

    Markus Heidt Newbie


      I tried to migrate a working application to 2.1.0.CR1.
      It was running successfully on 2.0.2.CR1 (JBoss AS 2.1.GA)

      I'm using JBDS btw.

      I changed the .jars in the ear-project and the ones in the WEB-INF/lib

      I read something about getting rid of the module/jars in the application.xml...so I did.

      I changed the schemaLocation in the components.xml and got rid of the securityRules/drools part.

      The application starts fine, but when I try to load the first page, I get the following error:

      17:37:39,982 ERROR [CachedConnectionValve] Application error: Faces Servlet did not complete its transaction

      Does anybody know, what I'm missing?