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    Seam variable names vs. ui:param definitions

    Eric H Novice

      Very simple question: I am using Facelets all the time to include templates.  I'm often doing it like this:

      main page:

      <rich:dataTable value="#{invoicelist}" var="invoice">
       <ui:include src="information-panel.xhtml">
         <ui:param name="invoice" value="#{invoice}"/>

      and the information page:

      <h:outputText value="#{invoice.note}"/>

      Here's the question: I also have a seam component named invoice.

      What I want to happen is on the information page (which is included) I want the invoice to refer to the var that is defined in the outer page using the ui:param.  I want the ui:param definition to override the Seam component value.  But it doesn't seem like this is happening.  It seems like a Seam variable definition always overrides values set by ui:param.

      Is this correct?  If it is, it's not too much of a problem; I just will use variable names appropriately.  I just want to understand if this is what is going on.