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    How to use @ResumeProcess with the current converation

    gdfgd eqwe Novice

      I have a task associating page, and when the user click the start link,
      I would like to invoke the beginHumanTask method with the current conversation.

      But If I removed the propagation="none attribute, I get the following error:

      begin method invoked from a long-running conversation, try using @Begin(join=true) on method: beginHumanTask"

      I try to use the @ResumeProcess(definition="processName") by this method, but It's didn't work.

      Can somebody help for me?very very thanks.

      JSF page:

      propagation="none"/> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      SEAM component method:

      public String beginHumanTask() {
      //some operation