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    Using "? (double quote question mark) prepends query string data?

    Joe Loveland Newbie

      In our seam application, it appears that if we ever have any content containing "? or '?, during rendering some sort of query string data will be appended at the point of the question mark.  (For search engine purposes, I'll use text to explain that I'm referring to a double quote or single quote followed by a question mark.)

      For example, if the .xhtml file contains:

      it will be rendered as:
      (I'm omitting a bunch of characters here...that key value is quite long).  And the ending </td> will be "consumed" by this...it seems to replace quite a bit of following markup, actually.

      Does anyone know why this is happening?  I've tried wrapping the contents inside f:verbatim and h:outputText (to hopefully escape the characters), but with no success.