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    How To: Dynamic selection of row from scrollabledataTable?

    Prathamesh Gaddam Novice

      1. Seamframework.org site loaded/browsed in IE 7, s without images. And with only unformatted text. I have set the cookies option however same problem. Why? 

      2. Following, code for dynamically diaplaying the scrollableDataTable is NOT working:

                <a:support event="onRowClick" reRender="outpanel">
                     <f:setPropertyActionListener value="#{issues}" target="#{issuesHome.instance}"/>
                     <f:param name="issueIdForMenu" value="#{issues.id}"/>

      And want to reRender the a4j: panel for onRowClick.

      Please guide how to do it.

      3. How can I refer panel id from one view to another? e.g IssuesPanel from I.xhtml to be rerendered in IL.xhtml coz of a4j:include view.

      Thank you in advance!