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    Seam - ViewExpiredException

    Chris Barton Newbie

      I currently have a web application which acts as a Portal. Users log onto the Portal and are shown a list of services. To view a service, an iframe is populated in the same page pointing to the URL of the service. All applications are Seam 2.1.1GA on JBoss 4.2.2GA AS.

      If a user loads up Service A, interacts with it, then switches using the menu in the Portal to Service B, interacts with it, then switches back to Service A and goes to interact, they get a ViewExpiredException (it's not actually shown to the user, I've got some code to display an error message rather than redirect etc.)

      I have tried using


      in web.xml. This gets rid of the ViewExpiredException, but throws an error on the AS stating that a transaction is required, or it can't join an existing transaction.

      The bean we use at the backend has a method annotated `join(join=true)`. I've tried removing join=true but that throws more errors.

      I'm totally stumped, and have been scratching my head for ages! Any ideas?

      Many thanks,