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    Ajax Rerender and Seam pages.xml

    Enrico Drusiani Newbie

      i have a jsf page with is mapped inside the pages.xml in this way:

      <page view-id="/modules/arc/registrazioneDoc.xhtml" action="#{arcRegManager.openArcReg}" >
                    <rule if-outcome="backToMain">
                         <redirect view-id="/modules/arc/main.xhtml"/>

      the method is inside a class that shows those annotations:

      public class ArcRegManagerAction

      and has @Begin(join=true) annotation on it

      inside this jsf page i have a <a4j:support> tag with eventQueue and rerender parameters.

      i've found out that when axaj rerenders the page, the openNewReg method is called once for every tag rerendered. How can i prevent this, having the method called just when entering the pages by Seam pageflow?

      thanks for your time