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    ClientProducer sending large messages

    Clebert Suconic Master

      I've made a few changes on large messages, to let a ClientProducer to send ServerLargeMessages again.

      I am renaming LargeMessageEncodingContext to BodyEncoder.

      LargeMessageEncodingContext was already available at the client API. I'm just making it generic, so all the ClientProducer has to do now is to get the encoder.

      I'm also removing the method encode(...., largeMessageContext,...) from the Message, since just the Encoder will be enough to read the methods.

      I've also renamed the method write (on the former LargeMessageEncodingContext, now BodyEncoder) to encode, since it was in fact reading and not writing. (Well.. I know.. It depends from the point of view.. reading from the file, and writing at the buffer)

      I'm just running the testsuite, and I should commit it tomorrow (Saturday) my morning. Unless there are objections with the changes.