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    Remaining docs changes

    Tim Fox Master

      I have the following docs updates TODO on my list, if anyone wants to lend a hand:

      (Some may be done already)

      1. Explain difference between reattach and reconnection and how they are configured separately, what situations they should be used in etc.

      Update docs where they refer to previous way of doing things.

      2. New replication. We need a general overhaul of the HA chapter

      3. Document maxRetryInterval in ClientSessionFactoryImpl

      4. Session multiplexing changes - update chapter accordingly

      5. Logging changes - update chapter/examples accordingly

      6. Blocking producer flow control

      7. Confirmation batch size

      8. Default memory manager interval is now -1

      9. Confirmation-window-size param in bridge and cluster connection.

      and add warning in docs that must be < page size for paging

      10. Add note in section 39.2 failover that CTRL-C causes a clean shutdown NOT a failure. Explain failoverOnServerShutdown better

      11. Default value of public static final boolean DEFAULT_ASYNC_CONNECTION_EXECUTION_ENABLED

      12. extend tuning chapter, with results from optimisation

      Add note to docs about turning off disk write cache, hdparm -W, and on Windows

      Explain how to tune journal for NIO and AIO etc

      13. Expand chapter on using core API

      14. Bridges don't now need clustered = true – update docs

      15. update docs that netty is now a core dependency

      16. AIO and NIO now have different journal params for buffer size, timeout and max_io

      Also we need to fill in javadocs for all public api methods