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    Photoalbum example

    James Domagalski Newbie

      While I was looking into seam and rich faces, I have stumbled upon the Richfaces Photo Album demo.  You can see the demo here
      http://livedemo.exadel.com/photoalbum/ and get more information of it here
      PhotoAlbum Info

      The demo seems to be using a MVC pattern for for displaying the content. The demo is constructed so that the user stays on one page, the index.xhtml. When the user clicks on a link, the model is changed and a section of the index.xhtml page, known as the content area, is rerendered with the new content.

        This looks to be a good design in for creating an online web application.  I was wondering if anybody had any input on this demo and if there are any benefits or problems while following the pattern used in this application.

      Sorry if this is a newby question, but I am working on my capstone and have decided to use Seam as my framework.  I am trying to find the best approach for creating the application using the frame work. I already own and have read most of 'Seam In Action'.  The book contains a lot of info, but it does not seem to have much on the pattern(s) one should follow for creating a bigger application.  

      Thank you for your time and your input.