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    Bulletin Board Style Messages

    Reny Abrego Newbie

      Hi. My company is currently evaluating solutions for a problem set that I don't believe has been addressed yet. We are currently looking at HornetQ for a variety of reasons and I have a question relating to our problem set and was wondering if a HornetQ guru could help us out.

      We are looking to use a messaging solution wherein we can post messages to a topic (or queue) and have the message persist even after it has been consumed. This is more akin to a bulletin board style of messaging. The messages would be persisted (as in a durable queue/message) and we would utilize the "Last-Value" queue functionality to ensure that only the most up-to-date content was in the messages.

      Is this functionality currently existent in the HornetQ?

      If not, we are willing to look at adding such functionality, but perhaps could use a little guidance as to a "Best" approach for modifying HornetQ to perform something like this.

      To restate our requirement:

      We want to create a durable "Last Value" queue wherein messages persist even after being consumed so that a client can re-connect at a later time and re-read any/all messages that are currently in the queue or that subsequent (different) clients can connect and subscribe to the topic and then read the messages (sort of like having a bulletin board and having someone come along and read the postings, then go do some other chores, then come back to the bulletin board and re-read the notices).

      Please forgive me ignorance on messaging systems, and thanks for any help or guidance you could provide.