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    Can't fetch scoped beans in resource servlet after setting conversationId

    David Göransson Newbie

      Hello all

      I am trying to get session and conversation scoped beans to a gwt servlet in the seam resource servlet.
      I have a conversation scoped bean:

      @Name ("viewFormCopyAction")
      @Scope (ScopeType.CONVERSATION)
      public class ViewFormCopyAction

      and a session scoped bean:

      @Name ("authenticator")
      @Scope (ScopeType.SESSION)
      public class AuthenticatorAction

      There is a RemoteService interface:

      @RemoteServiceRelativePath ("strokesService")
      public interface StrokesService
      extends RemoteService
        public Position getPosition (int conversationId);

      with corresponding async interface:

      public interface StrokesServiceAsync
      extends RemoteService
        public void getPosition (int conversationId, AsyncCallback callback);

      and implementation:

      @Name ("com.anoto.ash.web.actions.forms.gwt.client.StrokesService")
      @Scope (ScopeType.EVENT)
      public class StrokesServiceImpl
      implements StrokesService
        Manager manager;
        public Position getPosition (int conversationId)
          manager.switchConversation( "" + conversationId );
          ViewFormCopyAction vfca = (ViewFormCopyAction) Component.getInstance( "viewFormCopyAction" );
          AuthenticatorAction aa = (AuthenticatorAction) Component.getInstance( "authenticator" );
          return null;

      The gwt page is within an IFrame in a regular seam page and the conversationId is propagted with the src attribute of the IFrame.

      Both bean objects end up with only null values.
      Can anyone see anything wrong with the code? I know that I could use strings instead of the int, but never mind that at this point.