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    Seam @Logger not working with Spring CGLIB proxied Transaction Beans

    Gaurav Saini Newbie
      I'm working on Spring-Seam hybrid application. I'm using Seam's @Logger feature for logging in my application. It's working perfectly in Seam components and Spring beans declared with <seam:component> tag, except the Spring beans from which transaction is started.

      I'm using spring declartive transaction feature using AOP. I'm using CGLIB proxies instead of JDK dynamic proxies.

      I have noticed that in my backing bean where I have injected that aop proxied beans, the logger is available in that proxy. I have inspected the proxy to comfirm this. But once the control is moved to any method inside that proxied bean, the logger set to null.

      Please help me out.

      Thanks in advance.
      Gaurav Saini