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    Rewrite page with parameters

    Ciccio Pasticcio Newbie

      Hi all,
      I'm new with Seam and I study a refactoring of a very simple web-app in Seam.

      Seam is powerfull, but after read the references in the Seam 2.1 package install, I'm not able to rewrite the page with parameters to a simple page.

      The step that not works for me is:
      1) I've a link inside a page that do an update query via EntityHome object, this works fine.
      2) After this action there is NOT a redirect page, so I stay in the current page of the link action.
      3) After the request to the method, the URL is /myURL?parameters

      Now I face a solution to map the /myURL?parameters to /myURL.

      I try with the solution of rewrite tag:
      1) in myURLPage.page.xml I add this line

      <rewrite pattern="/myURLPage"/>

      But this solution does NOT works, because the URL after the link action is /myURL?parameters

      2) in pages.xml

          <page view-id="/myURLPage.xhtml">
               <rewrite pattern="/myURLPage"/>