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    Seam not able to retrieve values for keys ?

    Rocky S Master

      We have portal application, in which there are many applications. Each application is war file and have their own message bundle. In my application messages.properties, I have included key value pairs. I use message bundle for labeling of column names. After 3 4 hours, the Seam application is unable to read message bundle. And the label of column's are shown as key's only. I do not see anything in the logs. I am really clueless to point the issue. As it is a production box, I cannot debug. The issue can't be
      replicated. I did not add any special xml code in faces-config.xml or components.xml. It is the default message bundle which is loaded by Seam. So, I did nothing.

      Anybody have faced such situation or any logging can be done to message bundle loaded contents ?

      One interesting bug in Seam is, if I configure message bundle in my components.xml for Application A. Other different applications start reading the message bundle of Application A.