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    Seam style

    Uwe Rasmus Newbie

      I have read and tested several codes. I'm not still sure what is the supposed way to work with Seam. I have found 3 possible styles:

      1. use EntityQuery/EntityHome as base, h:dataTable, h:commandButton, s:link and pages.xml (init method to refresh the list and parameters to workaround not functioning @RequestParam), with id passed as f:param.

      2. use rich:dataTable, with ajax calls (aj4:commandLink to actions and reRendered attribute to refresh the table), instead of passing id, just use action=ctrl.action(obj).

      3. use  @DataModel and @DataModelSelection annotations, without passing id's or object in ajax.

      These are three ways (not very in depth description, just my impression).
      The question is how to work with entities, should their id be passed through sequence of forms? (problematic -> pages.xml), Should I use ajax - it's like not using the seam...? Should I use the annotations - they are working on one page, but how to manage the transition and passing the entity between forms?

      If anyone can explain that to me, it would be great. I'm just stucked.

      Thanks in advance