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    HornetQ & Tomcat

    Osian Hughes Newbie


      Let me explain the situation quickly that I am trying to resolve:

      We have a server side to our application, and it generates statistics which need to be sent to various destinations, and one of them is the User Interface.  Therefore, we use a topic within HornetQ to distribute this work.

      This section works fine, but now I am trying to get my application to listen to the topic (on a per user basis), and have the UI updated with the new stats that are coming through.  The update section is no problem, but what I have a problem with is the actual listening to the topic.  I tried to follow the example given within http://seamframework.org/Community/JMSMessageListenerInAWebApplication but I am unable to get it to work, because I don't know how to configure my application to connect to my remote HornetQ server, and also, with the example given, it has an application wide MessageListener, I would like to have one per user (that requires this functionality).

      Has anyone any experience with trying to acheive this kind of functionality?

      Thanks in advance,