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    seam jbpm org.hibernate.LazyInitializationException

    Max Max Newbie

      Hi everyone,
      i beg your pardon for my bad English in advance. I'm using seam 2.1.2, jboss-as 4.2.2 and jbpm 3.2.
      I have two classes: Person and Car; a bidirectional one-to-many relationship exists between them (a person can own more cars).
      Considering a jbpm process, I perform outjection of an object person (of type Person) to the business-process scope (i'm using @Out seam annotation). But, when i try to load the list of cars which the person owns (simply calling the get method on Person class), a  org.hibernate.LazyInitializationException is thrown:

      org.hibernate.LazyInitializationException: failed to lazily initialize a collection of role: com.model.Person.cars, no session or session was closed

      Why? What i'm missing?

      Thanks for helping in advance.