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    Plugging Infinispan 5.1.1 with user defined externalizers programatically

    sudheesh p Newbie


      I have just upgraded to Infinispan 5.1.1 version.


      I have to programatically add the user defined exteranlizers so that i could store/read these objects from cache.


      Previously i used the following snippet of code:


               org.infinispan.config.GlobalConfiguration GlobalConfiguration globalCfg  =  new GlobalConfiguration();

                                                    globalCfg.fluent().serialization().addAdvancedExternalizer(new PersonInfoImplExternalizer());


      However I obeserve that org.infinispan.config.GlobalConfiguration is a deprecated class in 5.1.1


      Can  you pls provide me an equivalent class/ snippet which would be the same as org.infinispan.config.GlobalConfiguration in 5.0.1