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    Using MDC Logging in 6.1.0-Final

    Steve Gargan Newbie

      I'm having a lot of trouble using the MDC functionality of slf4j & Log4j in JBoss. My app uses the slf4g-1.6.1, the 1.2.16 version of log4j and the 6.1.0-FINAL version of JBoss. The MDC works fine in perf & test where Jetty is used but not in production where JBoss is the container. I've seen that other people have had trouble with log4j MDC and JBoss






      And it mentions that this should be fixed in the 3.0.0.GA release of jboss logging. I'm wondering if this is part of the 6.1.0-FINAL release? This jira entry mentions that it should be.






      I was wondering

      1) how I can tell what version of logging is being used in 6.1.0-FINAL

      2) This page mentions that I could use Jboss logging explicitly




      Should the JBoss Libraries be bundled with the war for this (we bundle hibernate in our war so this might be similar) or only used at compile time and 'provided' by Jboss.



      Any help with this would be great



      Thanks in advance