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    Event handling for newbie

    sebastien chausson Newbie

      Hi all,


      I'm quite new to JBPM and a little bit confused with "event management" in JBPM. Unfortunately, the provided example (IntermediateCatchEvent) couldn't help me so much...


      My goal is to launch a process execution from a basic java main (quite simple, isn't it ?) and to be able to control the process execution with the help of "events" thrown either by the java code or by the BPM engine :


      1 - I'd like to know what happen when I use a signalEventDefinition or a messageEventDefinition in my bpmn process definition : does the BPM engine "throw" something that can be caught from my java code or is this event simply internal to BPM engine ?


      2 - In a similar way, if I want to "send" events from my java code to control the behavior of my process, how can I achieve this ? In the provided example, the testIntermediateCatchEventSignal method contains following instructions :

      ksession.signalEvent("MyMessage", "SomeValue", processInstance.getId());

      But I couldn't find any reference to "MyMessage" in the process definition...What did I miss ?


      Many thanks for your help