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    migrating from Jboss4.2.3 to Jboss6.1.0 Final version

    Tapasi Paul Newbie

      Hi we are migrating the Jboss version for our applications from 4.2.3 to 6.1.0Final. We use both Windows and Linux. For windows, the default location for Jboss is C:\Program Files

      Some thread suggest that in 6.1.0 , it does not work if Jboss is installed in any folder with space. Is this true?
      I tried the Jboss6.1.0Final distribution on a windows 2003 both under C:\<folder_without_space> and C:\Program Files. The former worked fine when I ran it from a shell, but in case of the latter, there were a lot of exceptions and http://localhost:8080 showed a blank page. I made sure that there was only one server instance running in order to avoid any port conflicts etc before I ran the Jboss server from C:\Program Files
      I am new to this forum. Any help in this matter would help a lot.