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    Creating mail session with jboss-cli

    oswa1d Newbie

      Hello everyone!

      I'm trying to migrate my application servers from Glassfish to JBoss and configure all the configuration options via jboss-cli command line tool. It looks nice and intuitive, but I'm stuck in creating mail-session. So far I've managed to create session and server nodes, but failed to add authentication data (login and pass):


        # /subsystem=mail/mail-session="java:/mail/myMail":add(jndi-name="java:/mail/myMail", from="noreply@acme.com")

        # /subsystem=mail/mail-session="java:/mail/myMail"/server=smtp:add

        # /subsystem=mail/mail-session="java:/mail/myMail"/server=smtp:write-attribute(name=outbound-socket-binding-ref, value=acme-smtp)


      Next I need to add smtp login and pass, but I have no idea how to do it, please help.


      wbr, Andrey