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    Migration from 3.3 to 4.2

    Shawky Foda Newbie

      Could any one  provide a details steps for mgration from 3.3 to 4.2 ?

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          bthalmayr Newbie

          I hope you will be more successfull than we had been. We gave up migration because it took much more time than we have ever thought. We already used RichFaces with JSF 2. We had to look at every page, component used; very few worked OOTB. The default-behaviour of components has changed , although not documented. However we might not have had experiences with RichFaces to the extend needed. Unfortunately I did not file bugs for everything we found ... too time consuming.



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            ibstmt Newbie

            We abandoned plans to migrate because it was just too much work. The developers changed so many things, it was really like a new language. Things were renamed, components dropped, other components behaved differently -- it was a nightmare. We gave up.


            The lack of support on this forum is another issue. There was a time when the developers would answer all questions, but sometime last fall, they all disappeared, presumably to work on other things. Now, many questions go unanswered.


            We will probably abandon RF at some point.

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              thinksteep thinksteep Novice

              I agree with ibstmt. I am sort of having same opinion. Support on this forum is very little comparing with Jboss7.1. We are in same boat to abandon upgrade plans. Not a good experience.

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                Brian Leathem Master

                RichFaces 3 to RichFaces 4 migration is not a straightforward story, as a number of components had to change to be aligned with the JSF 2 impls.  Also, some components aren't required anymore, rich:page for instance has essentially been replaced with facelet templates. 


                If you find the components that have been ported are missing in functionality, please file jira requests.


                Lastly, if you find places where the migration guide is wrong, or lacking in details please submit an issue report, or even better: feel free to change/augment the wiki page.

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                  bthalmayr Newbie

                  Hi Brian, working for other community projects I know it's vital that bugs are filed. However it took us so much time to find out what is working, what has changed , what is not working, what might be workarounds, etc. We could file numerous bugs ... just the time to spend on that is the limiting factor. What I do not understand is why the behaviour of existing components has changed. Most of the time this is not documented somewhere ... migration guide does not help lot as does reference guide, vld doc..  In the end we stopped the migration because we still have no clue how much time we need to spend to be successfull. Granted we are not RF experts, only worked some months with RF 3.3,  but have significant experience in Java Web Development.