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    monitoring deployed applications in JBoss AS 7.x

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      i'm new to this community, so please dont hit me if I started this thread in the wrong location :-)


      In JBoss 4.x we used to monitor our applications via Zabbix, by mapping the mbean attributes of the inhouse developed applications to snmp oid's and gather those with the Zabbix agent. Works like a charm for us ... but during my investigation of JBoss AS 7 - preparing an application server life-cycle (finally), I found out, that there is neither an snmp adapter nor the former jmx console present in AS 7. Instead there is the new concept of mgmt API/CLI, which in fact is pretty handy, but doesn't provide me the application relevant information I used to collect like in the old days, as described above.


      1. what is the best practice to monitor mbean attributes/values inAS 7?
      2. can I collect mbean attributes/values via REST API in AS7?
      3. anyone experienced the a similiar scenario when moving to AS7?


      any help is appreciated and thx in advance.