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    Drift Templates not editable

    Thomas H Newbie


      I am a little curious about creating and editing Drift-Templates in RHQ 4.4. After I create a new Drift-Template there is no way to edit anything after clicking on the green edit-pencil.

      Is this intentional or a bug?

      The RHQ server log shows no errors or warnings.





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          John Sanda Apprentice

          Hi Thomas,


          If you look again at that screen or at the screenshot, you will notice that some fields are editable. The following fields are editable:


          • description
          • enabled
          • drift handling mode
          • interval


          The name, base directory, and include/exclude filters are not editable. The primary reason that the the base directory and filters are not editable is because changing them in effect creates a new definition. The set of files being monitored for drift changes. Anything previously reported as drift for a definition may no longer be considered drift. Things that were not considered to have drifted might now constitute drift. Changing the base directory or filters could the history useless. So if you want to change the base directory and/or filters, you need to create a new template or definition.


          - John

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            Thomas H Newbie

            Hello John,

            thanks for your thorough answer.