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    High memory on JBoss6 startup but falls >50% after around 30mins

    Stewart Gracie Newbie

      Hi All


      I have a query regarding JBoss 6 startup due to something curious I noticed while testing my application before migrating from JBoss 4 to 6. During startup the JBoss servers, 2 in a cluster, both start at around 410MB of memory looking in task manager on windows 2003 R2 but after about 30minutes of no activity I noticed that it had dropped down 150 MB. I was wondering if anyone had any explanation for that such as JBoss loading a tonne of stuff into memory on startup but if its not being used then it drops it? The application running is essentially just servicing requests from a website, not hosted on the JBoss servers, and processing the requests to a database and returning the results. It does use caching but on startup I wouldnt expect it to have cached anything when it first loads up.


      Any explanations would be greatly appreciated and ill answer any questions you ask asap