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    How to get your jboss 3-cvs dbs running again.

    David Jencks Master

      I may not have posted enough warnings of this impending change.

      JBoss 3 beta2 from cvs now ONLY includes the new ConnectionManager implementation. You will have to convert all your previous ConnectionFactoryLoader configurations to the new mbeans. There are example configurations for popular databases in cvs at http://cvs.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/jboss/jbosscx/src/etc/example-config/

      If you get one working that is not there please contribute the configuration file.

      You can get pretty detailed instructions on the meaning of each attribute by compiling build/build.sh all and looking in the jmx-api directory for the generated documentation.

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          James Cook Newbie


          Is there any way to get some more explanation behind this new DTD?

          For example:
          1. Is the SecurityDomainJndiName attribute necessary, or does it come into play only if you specify a particular Criteria?

          2. I'm struggling trying to configure XA support for Sybase. I am currently providing a long XADataSourceProperties config parameter. How are the examples supplying the db url to connect to?

          3. Even though I supplied a XADataSourceProperties property with a user= and password= section, I still had to supply UserName and Password config attributes.

          4. Do we create new XATxConnectionManager if we want two pools that go against the same database connection?


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            David Jencks Master

            There is a lot of explanation in the jmx-api generated documentation.

            1. I recommend using container managed security, specified by a SecurityDomainJndiName matching an entry in auth.conf (or other security configuration method). In this case you should use ByContainer in the criteria. If you use application managed security, basically calling getConnection(user, pw), leave out the SecurityDomainJndiName and use ByApplication. If you really want to expose your security info in the mbean config, set user and pw in the ManagedConnectionFactoryProperties and use ByNothing.

            2. The XADataSourceProperties string is going to depend on the properties exposed by your XADataSource implementation. If one of those is a URL, put it in.

            3. I recommend leaving out hardcoded user/pw and using the JAAS based container managed security.

            4. ummm. I hardly think you want the same physical connection in 2 pools. If you want several pools whose connections go to the same database instance, yes, you should set up one XATxConnectionManager for each. Basically the XXXConnectionManager + subsidiary mbeans replace 1-1 ConnectionFactoryLoader mbeans.

            I hope you will contribute your configuration after you get it working.

            david jencks

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              James Cook Newbie

              4. Actually I do, but only during development. In production the datasources bound in JNDI (the pools) will actually map to two different managed connections. For development, all of the tables are in the same database, therefore only one managed connection.

              Thanks for the information, and I'll try to find the jmx-api documentation. Why jmx-api and not jca-api?

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                David Jencks Master

                4. I think you are confused by the names of everything, and want 2 pools. Having one object in 2 pools violates the basic concept of a pool. It would get passed out to 2 users at once, once from each pool. Note that our pools (unlike what I think WLS does) are per EIS instance, so we have many small, focused pools, not one giant all inclusive pool.

                jmx-api because it is jmx mbean documentation. There is nothing specific to jca in the documentation generation system, I just happened to use it first on these mbeans.