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    CMP: Mapping Oracle char(1) to Boolean

    Tim Fox Master

      Hi all-

      we're currently migrating from jboss 2.4.3 + castor to jboss3.0 and 2.x cmp.

      all our "boolean" columns are stored in the database (Oracle 8) as char(1) with 'Y' and 'N' as values (common practice).

      in our beans, the boolean fields are of java type boolean.

      up till now we have used Castor, which can automatically map from char(1) with values 'Y' / 'N' to type boolean.

      I can't work out how to do this with jboss cmp 2.x

      any ideas?

      we don't want to make our bean fields type "char" - this would be a hack IMO.

      also we can't change the db structure.