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    Arquillian fails to detect change in org.jboss.arquillian.extension implementation

    Paul Robinson Master



      I've noticed that Arquillian is failing to detect a change in the implementation of the arquillian-transaction extension after the first test has been ran.To reproduce:


      1. Boot a ''recent" jboss-as-7.2.0.Alpha1-SNAPSHOT

      2. Run a test that uses arquillian-transaction-extension with the following dependency *missing*




      3. Observe that the transaction extension is not ran (either with a debugger or by adding an invalid @Transactional.manager, which should normally cause a failure).

      4. Add the above dependency in, and re-run the test.

      5. Observe that the transaction extension is still not ran.

      6. Remove the "arquillian-service" deployment block from the standalone.xml

      7 Reboot the AS and re-run the test.

      8. Observe that the transaction extension *IS* ran.


      A similar problem occurs if you try replacing the "arquillian-transaction-jta" with a different one. In this case the JTA one is always used until you remove the Arquillian deployment from the standalone.xml.


      Is this a bug, expected behavior, or am I doing something wrong?