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    finder method in the ¨one" side that gets elements from the

    Felipe Saint-Jean Newbie

      Hi, i was wondering if the following is possible (i cant get it to work!)
      Lets say you have a Song CMP and a Album CMP , and they are
      related in the way of ¨one Album has many Songs" (1 to many),
      now I want all the Songs an Album has with some restriction... what i tried is to
      make a finder method in AlbumHome with a Query like

      "SELECT OBJECT(sb) FROM AlbumBean ab , IN(ab.songs) AS ae
      WHERE ab.param>?1 AND ab.pk = ?2"
      and public abstract java.util.Collection getSongs();
      is the relation method ....

      for an Odd reason the method returns objects that are
      Album, but with Songs Id!!! ...

      Is it possible for a Home Finder method to return a Collection from another Bean???