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    BLOB fileds not updated

    Milena Newbie


      I have a problem updating a BLOB field. I have a CMP2.0 entity bean with BLOB field of type ProcessInstance - my own java class.This class has something like a pointer, which initial state is -1. I'm creating the entity and calling findBY...() to obtain it. After that I cal entity.getProcessInstance() to get the ProcessInstance, which is still in its initial state. Then I'm doing something with it and the pointer gets increased with 1. After that I want the entity to be stored with the updated ProcessInstance and call entity.setProcessInstance(updatedProcess). But when the transaction is committed and I find the same entity again and get the ProcessInstance from it, it is in his initial state again -with pointer -1:(

      Anyone can say why is it?

      I'm using MS SQLSERVER 2000, with the drivers from microsoft, and JBOSS 3.0.0.

      I would be grateful if someone can help.
      Thanks in advance,